Parking at DrupalCamp Austin

Buy parking passes in advance

Please purchase parking passes in advance. It’s cheaper than paying for parking that day, and you’re basically guaranteed a spot. Street parking will be very difficult to find — especially on Saturday due to the UT football game. You can purchase parking passes here for $7 per day.

Parking passes will be given to you at the DrupalCamp registration desk. You will not need a parking pass to enter the garage — only to exit. (See below for instructions.)

Parking at the AT&T Conference Center


  • The AT&T Conference Center parking garage entrance is located behind the building on 20th Street between University Avenue and Whitis Avenue.
  • When you arrive at the parking garage, take a paper ticket from the machine to open the gate. (You can ignore this paper ticket, as you’ll be given a pre-paid pass when you register.)
  • Because Saturday is a UT game day, there may be an attendant at the gate. Tell this attendant you’re with DrupalCamp, and you’ll be let in.
  • There are two entrances to the AT&T Center from the garage: on one side there is an entrance to the Conference Center, and the other side of the garage has the entrance to the hotel.
    • On the Conference Center side, take the elevator to level M2 and exit to your right.
    • On the hotel side, go to level L. The Conference Center is across the courtyard.
  • Follow the signs to the registration desk. You’ll be given your pre-paid parking passes at that time.


  • When leaving the garage, pull up to the gate and will swipe a pre-paid pass at the red box. Do not use the ticket you took from the machine when entering.
  • Each pass is good for only one exit. Please discard the pass after use.

Overflow parking at the Dobie Center

If the AT&T garage is full on Saturday due to the UT game, overflow parking will be available at the Dobie Center garage on the other side of Whitis Ave. The pre-paid passes will work at this garage, too.


any thoughts on where i could park a 40 ft motorcoach?