Building a Strong, Profitable Drupal Business

Slide Deck: Building a Strong, Profitable Drupal Business

Business owners: Did you set out to build a Drupal website and realized that you built a Drupal business? Do you struggle with finding the right people, getting the right clients, collecting the money, paying the bills, motivating your team, making your customers happy and finding time at the end of the day to do the very thing that you set out to do? Then, this class is for you!

We’ll discuss…

…powerful business-building tools, new ways of hiring (and firing), finding financial success, and much more. Come prepared to be challenged in your business thinking and you’ll leave inspired and empowered to make your business the best that it can be.

Ben covers:
* Branding and positioning your business
* Making Sales and marketing easy(er)
* Designing and building a positive company culture
* Recruiting the right team, then getting everyone on the bus and in the right seat
* Creating and executing processes that unleash and empower your team’s creativity.
* Planning for profit - it’s not about hourly vs. project billing!
* Finding healthy growth while still doing what you love

If you’re a Drupal business owner who wants more out of work and life then don’t miss this session. Learn what it takes to bring stability, cash, time, happiness, freedom, and fulfillment to your life as a business owner. You’ll walk away challenged to make core changes in the way you do business that can take your company from surviving to thriving and beyond.