Developing for Usability

Drupal site development sits in the spectrum of usability and efficiency. All too often, the experience of the content creator gets lost among the needs of the end user and the needs of the developer.

A great Drupal site should be effective for everyone involved — clean and efficient for the site developer, fun and functional for the end user, and sensibly easy for the folks maintaining the content.

Come out for a discussion of how to balance and build a usable site. Several modules, including Views and Panels, will be presented as great tools for improving usability.



P.S. Feel free to let me know where your site usability usually falls short; I’ll try to include some strategies specific to these areas.

I found it’s always complicated to setup something easy for client to administer involving blocks. I tried Panels and Panel Pages, but still number of configuration options is enormous for someone new to Drupal and with very basic web technical experience.

I’m really looking forward to this discussion. Any chance we’ll be able to follow along on our own demo sites as you show us what you do?