Drupal Security for Coders

Have a Drupal site? Planning one? Want to learn how hackers can break into it?

This session will teach you the most common code level mistakes in Drupal and teach you how to avoid them.

  • An overview of the most important security problems with Drupal
  • Techniques to exploit those problems
  • Strategies for how to solve those problems on your sites
  • What to do if you find those problems in core or contributed code
  • How to keep your site safe

This session will be most useful for people who have some knowledge of writing/reviewing PHP code in themes or modules

About Greg Knaddison

Greg is a developer and security analyst with Growing Venture Solutions. He's helped to build several Drupal related projects such as CrackingDrupal.com, a security resource to compliment the book of the same name and Certified to Rock, a certification system for Drupal.