Features + Git + Drush = Drupal Development and Maintenance Workflow

Persnickety developer who puts practice before practicality.. Faithful to procedure and process to a fault.. Revision control and lots of detailed comments.. Does this sound like you? How do you work these OCD tendencies into your Drupal development and maintenance workflow?

In this session, I will demonstrate a workflow that works for a solo or small Drupal shop walking through the usefulness of Features to break away views, cck, and other constructs from db into code on file, git for version control and transport to staging/production, and drush to make it all a little bit (GOBS!) easier.

We will have some fun in this interactive session as we learn a lot together. Themers, developers, and configurers alike can all play together nicely!


I think the technical term is configurationalists. Look forward to the session, I know that it will be great.

Hey hey hey.. Here’s a real world example of what I was trying to say: