Getting Early Estimates Right

Almost all clients who approach you about a project want to know up front what the total cost will be. They hand you some loose notes and expect a fixed number of hours or price. To many this presents an impossible task. What is often forgotten is that an exact estimate isn’t expected. What you need to produce is one that is accurate enough to close the sale.

In this talk I will introduce an early estimation method we’ve developed at NodeOne. Using this method we’re able to tell a client early on the expected size of a project and close sales faster. It allows us to provide estimates early on helping clients to make early decisions regarding the scope and focus of the project.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Use fixed estimates to manage uncertainty
  • Break requirements down into features
  • Drafting rough Drupal solutions for features
  • Estimate based on experience instead of guesswork
early-estimates-dcampatx.pdf12.5 MB


Jakob, I was wondering if you will post a link to your slides here for all to see? Thanks!