Integrating Drupal into the Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise IT professionals are being asked to upgrade or deploy a next generation web content management system that can integrate with their existing enterprise architecture. Their content creation teams need more freedom to manage content themselves and they need an easy to use web interface for managing content. They are also looking for a feature rich platform that will last long term. In the search for this winning web content and application platform they are discovering open source Drupal, but are meeting resistance in adopting PHP, Open Source, and Social Software into their enterprise architecture.

This session will review best practices for integrating Drupal into your Enterprise Architecture and how you can win over both your IT peers and your content teams. This session will address: Content management, architectural principles, authentication, content sharing, document management, data services, application services, scalability, performance, security, and multi-lingual support.

This presentation is based on common enterprise concerns raised by 25 US federal departments, agencies, bureaus, many large universities and dozens of enterprises that have evaluated and ultimately deployed Drupal successfully.

Kieran Lal, is the Drupal community adventure guide for Acquia. He is also the director of business development for the Drupal association. He recently lead a 5 year effort to redesign He gets hard stuff done for the community.