Project Management Made Simple (Hands On)

The problem - the solution

Going from project request to a paycheck can be a bumpy road. With a good plan, you can make it there quickly, reduce problems, work less and earn more. But how do you make a good plan? How do you track and measure your results? How can you be sure that you, the client and your team are all on the same page? How can you be sure you are not charging too much or too little?

Everything you need - nothing you don’t

In this session, we are going to discuss a Simple project management system that can easy be created using free tools online, or from within your own website using a Drupal feature. You can even do it with paper and pen. This Simple project management system is easy to do, super fast, and will cover most your needs:

  • basic project organization
  • generating estimates
  • communicating with clients
  • managing subs
  • easy time tracking
  • invoicing options
  • tracking accounts receivable

Build it - customize it

Templates, resources and feature will be made available beforehand so you can follow along and create your own management plan with me! Bring your project and leave with a complete project management plan AND system.