Top 10 Drupal Theme Techniques

Drupal offers a powerful platform for building beautiful Web sites. But not all of the beauty can come from CSS alone. Themers need to take control of the theme layer to give them the freedom to express their artistry. In this session, we’ll cover ten top techniques to take control of your Drupal theme:

  • Page, node, and block templates and how those variables get there.
  • Five basic PHP procedures themers need to make Drupal create magic.
  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Devel module
  • How to preprocess your page, node, or block variables for greater control.
  • Assign unique page or node templates based upon the path of the page.
  • “Submitted By” sucks. How can I change it?
  • I want to control pictures in my content area.
  • How can I change the style of those ugly “Submit” buttons?
  • Put your login form inside a JQuery modal frame.
  • How to create a JQuery slideshow without a slideshow module.

This session is for folks who are beginning to intermediate site builders. General knowledge of CSS and PHP is recommended.

About the Speaker:
Joe Hyde is a freelance Drupal developer, currently working with in Las Colinas. Here is his bio: