Turning That UX Frown Upside Down

It doesn’t really matter how great you think your website is if your intended user thinks it’s a loser. There are some very easy methods to getting your website headed down the right track and creating a positive user experience (UX) for your target audience.

In this session we’ll discuss the steps that lead up to a the launch or re-launch of your website from a down-to-earth UX perspective. Each site is different, so while there are fundamentals there is also a strong need for critical thinking and creative solutions.

Brief outline:

  • What is UX design?
  • Why bother with UX design?
  • What do zombies and UX have in common?
  • How to understand your website users (and build for them)
  • Using web conventions (when to use them and when to make up something new)
  • Patterns, patterns, patterns
  • Looking a real process for improving the UX of any website project
  • Resources for UX design
  • QA