Usability Testing in the Wild and On the Cheap

UPDATE: I have enough test sites now but I’ll still need volunteers!

In this session, we will observe simple, low-cost, high-speed user testing of Drupal sites.

You will learn:

  • Usability testing doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive
  • How to encourage participants to think out loud
  • Usability testing “in the wild” can be conducted by anyone
  • How this is a great way catch problems that are no longer obvious to the development team, because they are too familiar

This session will be fun and participatory!

How it Works

  • The site will be projected for the audience to see
  • Volunteer test participant will leave the room while hear what the typical goals are for the site visitor
  • Test participants will be asked to complete a series of tasks while everyone observes
  • After each usability test, everyone can briefly discuss what was learned

But … in order for this session to work, I need your help!

Volunteer your Drupal site for usability testing

I need 2-3 Drupal sites that we can usability test during the session? If yes, please contact me privately so we can discuss site goals/tasks.

Volunteer yourself as a test participant

I will need volunteer test participants in this session. Test participants will be selected at random from audience members (though if you’re interested in volunteering, let me know!)