Whole Lotta Drupal

In 50 minutes, Lullabot co-founder Jeff Robbins will not only show about 50 top Drupal sites in action and talk about how and why many of them chose Drupal, but he’ll also build a complete Drupal-based e-commerce site. From download through to finished site, he’ll call the play by play as the site gets built right before your very eyes!

If you’re new to Drupal, or you just want to see a whole lot of Drupal, this is the session for you. You’ll be able to come away from DrupalCamp being able to say, “I saw a guy build a whole e-commerce site in 25 minutes!” Seating is limited so get there early.

Warning: the first few rows may have their minds blown.


Please schedule this for Saturday. I want in on this mind blowing.

Looking forward to this session.

I’ll add a second vote to schedule this for Saturday.

I want to see a whole lot of drupal

sounds like it would be fun to watch…

Any chance you can upload the video you showed of the site set up?

Srsly. This is the best Drupal pitch I’ve seen. I want to show this to my bosses.